Thursday, February 09, 2012

To Quote the White Rabbit...

I'm late! I'm Late! For a very important date! No time to say "Hello"- Goodbye! I'm late, I'M Late! I'M LATE!

Good afternoon, Nobody. That's right. I haven't seen anyone really reading my blog at all, however that will not stop me. Instead I shall begin every blog addressed to "Nobody". Alright, so I'm late. Again. Sunday has now shifted to Thursday in my day planner. I could give you a thousand reasons why I am late posting. The long story involves doctors, work, and my brother "temporarily" moving in. The short story; Life sucks.

Alright. So it has been a very busy and long week, and it is not nearly over so I will just jump right into it. I did remember to take my measurements on Sunday, so it's not like I gave myself a few extra days to shed. Heck I don't think I shed much at all to be honest. In fact, I am adding a new category to my charts. From here on out I will also be posting the difference in size. We'll see how this goes. So. As always, red is the original size measured on January 8th, green is my goal size, yellow is my present size and now blue will be the difference. By now you should know where I take my measurements as well...let us begin!

Bust A: 44.5 n/a 41.75 2.75 inches
Bust B: 37 37.17 35.125  1.875 inches
Waist: 34.75 24.05  32.875  1.875 inches
Hips: 42 33.63 40 2 inches

Alright. breasts have gotten smaller. Actually happy about that. I have been able to wear button up shirts again (yes, I am excited about this!) Other than that I think that I am hitting a plateau in being able to notice a difference. Oh well. When one stops being able to see it, one must amp it up! Which leads me into goals. Now, since this week is almost over I am not going to start out with "this week I will" Instead I am going to just tell you some changes I am going to be making to my eating and exercising.

The other night I went down to the gym and found it LOCKED (*gasp*) I was not happy, so I stomped up the stairs to my apartment and felt very defeated. However, instead of sitting on my butt and feeling sorry for myself, I grabbed my laptop and took it to the spare room, along with a water bottle, and an exercise mat I had laying around. Now, I stumbled upon her after some research through a fitness page I am on through FB. Now, I am pretty sure that I am going to be addicted. It's hard to explain how awesome this woman is so I'll just post her page and hopes that someone (that means you Nobody) checks it out.

The exercises are referred to as "Pop Pilates" Now, I know that doing pilates is actually AGAINST my goals, however she has these print outs of exercises, either do one page 4 times, or find 3 other pages to go with it. After a lot of filtering through the abundance of pages (keeping my goals and my abilities in mind) I have found four that I am going to start doing as of tonight. I will still be doing my running in the morning, then probably finish up my day with these as I find them somewhat relaxing. I'm thinking I'll do them for 14 days and see how it goes.  

On top of that, my next goal is to cut back - WAY back on my snacking. I am hoping to go out and get a workout/food journal tomorrow or Saturday, because I always feel obligated to write down even the smallest thing. Hopefully seeing all of it will help me get things under control.

I've also figured out an awesome motivation for myself (apart from the obvious, "yay I have an awesome body" thing) but I will share that next time ;) 

Until next time!

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