Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Just so you know...

Good afternoon Nobody. I am sorry that it has taken this long to write you, but a lot has happened and I have been unable to update you.

I have no measurements this week. I didn't do them as I have been spending the past week dealing with family issues, health issues and my FAVOURITE the police. Oh yes. I didn't get to tell you this yet! On March 1st I went to my apartment to collect my reward for getting down as much as I did last month. I had decided to splurge on myself and get a new haircut and colour. I love it, it's short, strawberry blonde and very retro. This is not the bad part though. While I was having my hair washed, someone walked over to the stylist's station and stole my 500$ cell phone. Obviously I am not a happy camper, especially since I am pretty sure I know who it was, and on top of that, after it was realized what had happened the Salon promised that I would have the perpetrator soon, as they have cameras and would look at them tomorrow (which turned out is not true - yes they have a camera, but they have to wait till the end of THIS week to check it - so nice of them to get my hopes up, isn't it?) Then, after we left (my sister, my boyfriend and I) were heading to a farewell get together for a work friend (moving to ENGLAND - so lucky!) - my boyfriends phone started to vibrate. The little jerks who stole my phone were texting everyone in my call list. They were going through my pictures and harassing me. I even tried to offer them money to get it back. Nothing worked. I had the phone company suspend my phone - now I am waiting for the video tapes and the police to take action (hopefully by Friday).

So. That was just one thing that went wrong last week. Do you still need more reasons as to why I didn't have time to do measurements? Good. So my faithful Nobody, you will simply be getting new measurements on the 11th or 12th next week. I am making a point to remember it. Although, next week is going to be busy too, so it is going to be a short update and I am sorry. One of my oldest friends is back from Japan that week and I haven't seen her in over a year. Then I have (more) doctors appointments and lots of other stuff I get to deal with. JOY!

Now. Through all of the business of the bad things, there was a small ray of light coming through. Our cat is having kittens. She looks to be between 4-6 weeks along. We are very excited and nervous. It looks as though our family is going to be getting bigger. I don't mind though, this is something to be happy about, and in life you need to have these moments to make this whole thing worth while.

Well, I should get back to work now, I shall chat with/at you later Nobody.