Sunday, January 22, 2012

Of Arms, Music and Blood Oranges

Good evening! I honestly meant to do a mid week post this week - even had one typed at work. Honestly I did! You see, the thing is that I work shift work in an office, so there is little time to dabble in non-work related things, and worse yet my shifts change from mornings, evenings and weekends all in one week. So I am really sorry if this post isn't very long, but today was my 7th day in a row at work - worse yet, on the weekend we work 19hours in 2 days. I know that you people don't really want to hear about my job so I will simply say that it sucks and leave it at that!

And on with the updates!

I have realized that I haven't really been saying much regarding my work out or eating habits. This week I have been going to the gym as often as possible. When I couldn't make it my full 40-45 minutes in the morning, I did 25 in the morning and 20 at night. Works for me! I was pretty happy with how I have been doing in the gym this week - I went 6 out of 7 days (GO ME!) and even managed to get up early enough to always do at least 20 minutes before work. My boyfriend also came down a few nights in a row to keep me company and teach me some new arm workouts. I am really glad that he did this too because my arms used to be something that I was always proud of when I used to be a server. So I have 2 new workouts to replace my good ol' shoulder press. So now, my basic work out consists of 30-40 minutes of running/jogging/speedwalking(on an incline) on the treadmill, followed my 21s* (with 10lb weights) and the butterfly* with 10lb weights, then a good 5-10 minutes of stretching and yoga.

Plain, simple and effective so far!

While down at the gym I try to keep myself motivated with music, sometimes something with a strong beat, and sometimes I just need the lyrics to push my further. The last few times I have been listening to my boyfriend's music, which consists primarily of 90s rock and grunge bands,(Bush -is rating very high on my list of music to memorize!) and then some Canadian bands I never would have discovered otherwise, and would forever regret not hearing, seriously! Go onto youtube and search "Hollerado", then after you also become addicted  to their music, switch over to "The Weakerthans" - the ultimate Canadian band in my opinion!

When I had my blackberry (may it rest in peace, lesson learned phone+toilet=very sad blogger) I listened a lot of random stuff, some 80s hair bands (forever my rock band crush will be Def Leppard - why do they have to be so beautiful?) and then some new stuff that I honestly pretend to snipe at until I am alone (Katy Perry - the entire teenage dream album). Also the Suckerpunch soundtrack, the album had such a steady lyrical tone of "I will get through this" that is just pushes you to endure all of the pain that you are putting yourself through for the light at the end of the tunnel. Emily Browning sings a couple of songs on that album, and I do not understand why she has not done more music! Asleep is literally my lullaby when my boyfriend is out of town, her pixies cover of Where Is My Mind (with Yoav) was a breathtaking rendition and I love using it for my stretching! Of course my favourite is her cover of Sweet Dreams. I remember listening to the Eurythmics with my dad and my brother growing up, and hearing a fresh take on it, when I had been sitting in the theatre and the opening credits came up, that song had me immediately enthralled in their world.

Alright...enough about the music.

Food has been getting easier for me lately, finally went grocery shopping and bought low/no fat products I enjoyed and have been paying close attention to their portions. I even have my boyfriend eating couscous now! - Not full of vegetables like I do but at least it's something different. I try to make a point to eat one meal of raw fruits and veggies a day though, which isn't as hard as I thought. If I take the time to slice and chop everything into bite sized portions, somehow it makes me fuller, please if someone knows why that is do share! So you may be looking at the title of this post and thinking one of two things a) what the hell? or b) ooh, so she discovered those! That's right I have discovered Blood Oranges. Where have these been all of my life, it feels like a new present every time I open it! Is it going to be pink? Is it going to be red? Oh my poor life lacks excitement...

Blood Oranges!

So I guess it's about that time huh? Well I feel like I should tell you at this point, there will be no pictures. Nope, as meantioned above my blackberry has died a sad death and I need a new phone/camera for pictures. Also, I have decided that I will be taking pictures every month instead of every week. Even though I may be able to read a difference in size on a measuring tape I doubt the miniscule amounts will show in a picture. So there. No picture. You are saved!

Alright, so here it is. Drumroll please! Once again my measurements are done for this week. I will list the original in red, my goal in green and my present in yellow (think like stop light, yellow isn't quite as good as green, but at least it is not a red!)

So without further ado, here it is:
Bust A: (chest)44 1/2inch. n/a 42 1/2 inch.
Bust B: (band)37 inch 38.17 inch. 36 1/2 inch
Waist: 34 3/4 inch. 24.05 inch. 33 5/8 inch
Hips:  42 inch. 37.97 inch.  41 inch.

Alright...not bad. Apparently I am losing weight pretty randomly haha. Well, I expected my first week to be pretty good, getting rid of water weight and all. This time around I was probably eating more than I usually do, which I will now be keeping closer track of! My goal for this week is to cut as far back as possible on white starches and dairy. Apart from my yogurt in the morning of course, but I don't need to have cheese (never been a big fan anyways) I am also going to start doing some of my yoga in the sauna (home grown hot yoga!)

Alright, well. I actually do have some things to do so I shall leave you with some Marilyn inspiration!

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