Monday, April 23, 2012

Pictures, shows, and apologies - edited

Oh, I have neglected you. I am really sorry. To be honest life has been difficult. Obviously I am getting through it with the help of my loving boyfriend. Well, him and my diet. I live for myfitnesspal at this point. I have also gotten my sister, my boyfriend and soon one of my friends to join as well. On top of that I have started to be the go to person for diet and exercise advice! Much different from "what's a good type of cake?" sort of stuff...(by the way the answer would be red velvet with a light cream cheese icing....hehehe) However, I am guessing that you will be wanting some updates. Well the good news is I have some pictures (taken today) the bad news is that the physical numbers won't be up until tomorrow night (hopefully).

So, how about we do the pictures...I go to bed and we talk again tomorrow hmm?

 So? What do you think? Looking better? I think so! I'm pretty happy...weighed myself last week and I have lost at LEAST 25lbs since I started this journey, I also have some toning done. Yup - I am getting there!

You know what? I can talk for a bit longer? How about you? How have you been? Watch any good shows lately? I have! Even though I haven't watched much new stuff for some shows in the past few days, but I have definately found lots of stuff. My boyfriend and I discovered Game of Thrones - why wasn't I watching this sooner?! We burned through Season one and caught up on season two in TWO DAYS! Is that considered addiction? Yes, I believe that it is. Oh well.

 We have also been watching Justified and another Timothy Olyphant show (can't remember the name, all that I know is that he is a god (and I hate westerns haha). I also got into watching Once Upon a Time, I'm behind on this though :( I love the storyline, but some episodes I find are very dry...

Now, finally I have also been watching SMASH. I was a little scared to begin this show, I wasn't sure what I thought of it, however I have been listening to the soundtrack religiously and want nothing more than for that musical to be real (and to be a part of it lol) If you Marilyn fans haven't seen it, honestly give it a try. If only for all of the songs based on her life. I have a few favourites right now:

Mr and Mrs Smith - a love song between Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio (obviously before they divorced lol) - but honestly I want this song in my life and on my phone forever!
Lexington and 52nd Street: Marilyn fans should know that address. I'll give you a minute to think about it yet? Well, if you don't you should know that is the corner where the infamous subway breeze (white dress) scene was filmed for Some Like It Hot. It is basically another side to DiMaggio's story regarding Marilyn's panty showing scene (in a non-going-to-go-beat-my-wife sort of way, but instead more of a "that's it, I've been defeated, I give up" sort of way.) It's really touching.
Finally (for now)  Let Me Be Your Star - is this song not self-explanatory? This is Marilyn's song. Every word of it screams her. Even the beginning: Fade in on a girl/With a hunger for fame/and a face/and a name to remember/the past fades away/because as of this day/Norma Jeane's gone/ She's moving on. *Sighs*

So...I may start doing movie reviews or something...been watching so many lately. Some of them over and over again *cough*TrueRomance*cough*

However, it is 1:30 am and I have a doctors appointment in roughly twelve hours. It's time for this little bird to go to bed.

Goodnight, Nobody. I will try to not neglect you so much.


*EDIT!! Seriously, no one called me on the movie name? The movie wasn't actually Some Like it Hot, it was a scene from The Seven Year Itch. Pfft, way to call me on my mistakes people!!


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